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What Our Kids Think

Mommy: Why in the world would you let your sister cut your hair off like that?
Daredevil: I thought she would cut it pretty.
Mommy: Well, did she cut it pretty?
Daredevil: Absolutely not.
Mommy: How do you feel about that?
Daredevil: It’s fine, Mommy. It’ll grow back when I’m ten.

Princess: Daddy is so sneaky.
Grandma: Why do you say that?
Princess: He keeps eating all the meat.

Mommy: Why were you on “parent contact” again today?
Daredevil: Because I keep talking.
Mommy: Why do you keep talking?
Daredevil: My mouth keeps opening, and stuff keeps coming out.

Princess: What is Black History Month?
Grandma: It’s the time of year when we celebrate the contributions of black people in America.
Daredevil: I think I am white (looking at her arms).
Mommy: No.You are black, Sweetie.
Daredevil: Look (pointing to the lighter flesh on the inside of her arm). It is white.
Mommy: (Holding my arm near her face) What am I then?
Daredevil: Well (concentrating on my arm), I think you are…um…a little bit hairy.

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3 thoughts on “What Our Kids Think

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Too cute!

  2. The joy of children never ceases to amaze. Their honesty is refreshing and darn near brilliant.

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