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Cool Kids, Hot Mama

Have you ever taken your kids to the park and realized too late that it was too damn hot to be there? When you let the kids out of the car, and they’re fully loaded to play, you have to just go with it until water is pooling in places you wish it wouldn’t. While you wait, applying pressure alternatively to each butt cheek on the metal bench, you realize that it would be better to snap a few pictures instead of passively frying yourself as you watch them. After a few shots, you realize that the bribe of ice cream is enough to coax them away from the park and back into the van. The pics, although not the best, are a fun reminder of your temporary insanity.

Hot fun in the summertime! (Property of M. McCottrell)

Swinging away in the hot sun! (Property of M. McCottrell)

Time to cool off! (Property of M. McCottrell)

Coolest place at the park! (Property of M. McCottrell)

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5 thoughts on “Cool Kids, Hot Mama

  1. I’m with you… and being that it’s summer in Florida, I’m REALLY with you… 😉 Keep everyone (including yourself) hydrated! Heat stroke does not a fun summer make… 🙂

    • LOL! If I were smart, I would have had a cooler in the car full of water and ice. Then, at least, we could have lasted a little longer. Maybe next time…or maybe I could just wait until evening or go early in the morning.

      • I’m with you. We tend to do our ‘outings’ early in the morning before the heat becomes … well… pretty freaking dangerous. Anyhow, it looks like you had a great time regardless 😉

  2. Aaaah! My babies were having fun. This is what you do when its hot and besides they love being outside. Thank you for doing this, this is what we call sacraficing to satisfy the little ones.

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