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Little Girls and Wife Beaters

Anyone who knows my family knows that my husband has an affinity for wife beaters. Not the creeps that abuse their spouses because they have some sick control fetish, but the A-line t-shirts that come six in a pack at Wal-Mart. He only likes the white ones, and he wears them everyday. Much to my chagrin, my hubby has absolutely no qualms about wearing said undergarments in public. He will take out the trash in them, run to get gas, or even stand in front of the house carrying on an extensive conversation with the neighbors. If I were to quote some older people I know, he doesn’t seem to have “the pride he was born with.”

Strange Weather, Appropriate Outdoor Attire! (property of Marilyn McCottrell)

Right now, we are in this weird weather pattern in Chicago. It is fluctuating from hot to cold in a matter of hours. As a result, everyone seems to be catching colds. I decided that my girls needed some new undershirts, and because the little girl camisoles only come three in a pack for $7 and are fairly thin, I decided that the little boys wife beaters, which are a bit sturdier, at $8 for a six pack were a better buy. I leave for work at an ungodly hour, so my husband is charged with dressing and feeding the girls in the morning. I help him out by laying out the girls’ clothing . (When I left this task to him, my babies went to school with two left shoes, one navy and one black shoe, wearing each others’ uniforms, etc.)

When my girls got home today, they were more excited than usual to take off their school clothes to “show me a surprise.” I’ll admit that I was a bit scared. No one wants their daughters excited about disrobing, and I couldn’t help but question who has been telling them it’s okay to do so with such energy. When they were out of their uniforms, in unison they exclaimed, “Tada!”

“What’s the surprise?” I questioned.

“We look like Daddy!” Excited smiles and dancing eyes peered back at me, hoping that I would understand the significance of their undershirts.

“Yes,” I laughed, “you do.”

“I gotta take out the trash,” D. declared as she ran to the kitchen and began to tug on the black plastic bag in the waste basket.

“No, you don’t, Little Miss. You may look like Daddy, but you will NOT act like him. We don’t wear our underwear outside!”

What’s your opinion on the need of undershirts?

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3 thoughts on “Little Girls and Wife Beaters

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  2. Deni Lyn on said:

    Too funny! When I worked outside the home, I worked in a professional full business dress environment (suits, ties, heels, etc.) I found it extremely annoying distracting and frankly gross when men would not wear undershirts. The last thing I wanted to see heading towards me was some man in a white shirt sans undershirt!

    • RIGHT!! It’s so gross!! Where are these dudes’ mothers? Didn’t they push this when they were children? If not, what were they smoking? I may complain about my man walking around the neighborhood wearing his beater (our “affectionate” nickname for his fashion staple), but at least he wears one when he puts on other shirts.

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