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Yes, I Can Be Versatile

I’ve written curricula, programs, agendas, and other work related things, but I missed writing for fun, writing for therapy, writing to connect. So when my cousin suggested that I begin blogging as a way to re-wet my feet, I immediately decided that I would sign on (Thanks, Cheryl, for the constant support and motivation). The problem, though, was that I had never read a blog, nor had I any knowledge of how to write for one. I did what I consider scanty research, but I liked what I saw and decided I’d give it a try. I started this blog merely as a way to relieve some stress and write again. It has grown into something much more for me, and I love that.

Earlier this week, Neha, who writes the wonderful blog Female Humans, nominated me for another blog award. This time with the Versatile Blogger Award, I’m much more familiar with what I should have done the first time with the Sunshine Blogger Award, partly because there are actual posted rules that I can follow that let me know. Thank you, Neha, for nominating me again. I can’t tell you how much that really means to me. Thank you more for reading, commenting, and sharing with me as I write my life stories.

Thanks, again, Neha.

So, without further delay, here are 7 things about me that you didn’t know (unless you’re my mother, that is):

1) My favorite color is gray (specifically, heather gray). You may find it drab, but I find it fab. I have never met another person who likes gray as much as I do, and that makes me smile.

2) I’ve never used an illicit drug. I know it’s weird, especially considering my urban upbringing and the fact that I’ve been in the room with drugs on several occasions in my teen years, but I’ve never actually partaken in them myself. That fact leaves most people questioning my integrity, but it really is the truth.

3) Cats scare me. I think they’re creepy and sneaky. If you have a cat, I probably won’t enter your house.

See what I mean? (from

4) I go to Red Lobster for the cheddar biscuits. They’re delicious and probably unhealthy, but they make me happy.

5) Everything I write is about me in some way. My poem “Affair” is more about the longing to have my husband to myself  like it was when we were younger and full of future responsibility.

6) I love it when shoes don’t exactly match an outfit. I think it’s sexy and adds a spark of individuality and non-conformity.

7) I’m addicted to Netflix. In fact, I’m going to catch up on my favorite TV friends, J.D. and Turk, right now!

EAGLE! (from

First, let me tell you my nominees for the next Versatile Blogger Awards. I have no idea if they already have awards of any kind, but I wanted say kudos to those I really enjoy reading:

1) Deni Lyn Miller: The Diary of a Reluctant Mother–She is spit your juice on the computer screen funny!

2) Kary: Kary’s Nightmare Fuel–I love that her writing is so different from mine. It makes me blush (metaphorically, that is).

3) The Pursuit of a Joyful Life–Finding joy (or at least seeking it) in everything you do or happens to you is a lofty but beautiful aspiration. I love the simplicity and peacefulness of the prose.

4) Shouts from the Abyss–Funny, irreverent, and shockingly honest.

5) Chris: The Man of the Minivan–If you haven’t read his Pottery Barn rant, you’re really missing out on some great blogging. Another Bonus: He was Freshly Pressed today. I’d like to think that this nomination had a little to do with it, but I’m not that stupid.

6) Corey Jordan Booth: Clown Rhymes–His poetry and weekly challenges force me to see poetry in a new artistic light.

I know I was supposed to pick 15, but I can’t just yet. I’m still reading and learning and loving. I hope this hasn’t offended the keepers of the award!


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4 thoughts on “Yes, I Can Be Versatile

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  2. Deni Lyn on said:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Thank you, dear M! I love this post and it’s so refreshing to know 7 more things about you. Your mother would be so proud of you, I’m sure. Keep us inspired and stay blessed. Love, Neha xx

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