Memos from the Middle

Smack-Dab in the Middle of Living

A Mother’s Lesson

Every now and then, I get little glimpses that let me know that what I’m trying to instill is actually reaching something deep down in the cores of my girls.

Road Rage

A young punk in a gas-guzzling Hummer cuts me off (forcing me to slam on brakes) because my mini-van, moving at the posted 30 mph, is keeping him from making it to the next traffic light 2.1 seconds faster.

Mommy: You stupid jerk! I have kids in this car!

M.: Mommy, do we say that word?

D.: You can’t say that, Mommy. It’s not very nice.

Making Dinner

The girls are making strawberry and macaroni soup in their toy kitchen. I bump into their stove as I’m sweeping up the chalk they’ve crushed under their roller skates a few moments earlier.

Mommy: Oops! I’m sorry.

M.: Get your butt out of my kitchen! This stove is hot!

Eating Dinner

It’s 7 PM, and this is my first meal all day. I sit down at the table and start twirling a huge hunk of spaghetti around my fork. I push the forkful into my mouth.

Mommy: Oh my goodness! This is so good!

D.: Did you say your prayers, young lady?

Saying Good-bye

I’ve gathered up my bags and found my keys. I’ve kissed the girls and reminded them that I want to hear good things when I pick them up from school. I’m heading out of the door when I remember that I have a husband.

Daddy:I was wondering if you still loved me.

Mommy, smiling: I loved you first. Remember that.

We kiss way more passionately than usual for a Wednesday morning.

D.: Not on the lips! No, not on the lips!

Happy Mother’s Day! Remember, somewhere at sometime what you say is really making a difference!

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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Lesson

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  3. Alice on said:

    Happy Mother’s Day, dear, dear friend! You are SUCH a good mama!

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