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Job Placement Via Coloring Book

What does your child’s coloring style reveal about his/her future?

Every mom thinks her children are smart. I just so happen to be right. You see, my children, at the ages of 3 and 4, have figured out their perfect careers. Many of us have spent years trying to figure out the “best” career for ourselves, but my kids have done it before they’ve entered kindergarten.

Not only that, but my kids have actually been able to demonstrate that these  careers are perfectly aligned to their personalities. Check this out:

Child’s Career of Choice



What she colors One page in the coloring book, including the background Several pages in the coloring book, each partially colored
Crayon arrangement One of each color, meticulously lined up on the table from shortest to tallest (or darkest to lightest); broken crayons CANNOT  be used Every crayon at her disposal, regardless of length, shape, or color, is dumped onto the floor
Child’s Position Sitting upright in a chair with one crayon at a time in her hand Laying on the floor with four crayons in each hand, one in her sock, and one behind her ear (I even found one floating in the tub after her bath)
Coloring Style Squarely within the lines, with colors matching real life objects Purposeful scribble-scrabble with rainbow colored grass and lime green cows
Topic of Conversation How well she stayed in the lines, and how poorly her sister is doing No conversation; whistling her favorite song
Length of time spent coloring A solid hour; the picture has to be just right 45 seconds; there’s a dog to torture

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