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Praise Song

This morning, it’s raining. In the hours I’ve already been awake, an unceasing range of light drizzle to heavy downpours have tip-tapped outside on metal awnings. The weather is starting to warm, and even on wet mornings like these, you still tend to hear sirens in the distance signaling high speed rush to some distress call or another. But today, it’s quiet. A serene sort of calm descends with springtime rain, and I can hear beautiful melodies.

My internal clock has always been wired to rise earlier than most other people, and I’m at my best in the wee hours. My thinking is clearer. I have my most profound insights. I am better able to resolve conflicts that stumped me. But do you know what else happens each morning even before the sun shifts from it’s resting place? If you are still enough, allowing your mind to rest, you’ll actually hear the praise songs of birds chirping sweetly.

My soul wanted to read Psalm 103 this morning. I’ve been hoovering in verses 10-12 for the last week or so. The Holy Spirit sprang into action before I even woke up, leading me to a place of gratitude and praise. If you have never read through the whole Psalm, though most of us can quote the first verse verbatim, I encourage you to do so. It’s strength, wisdom, and poetry are beautifully executed (and in my opinion the King James Version is most worth the read) as King David praises God for who He is and what He has done.

When I reread, I come again to a favorite verse: “But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children.” I don’t know about you, but whenever I read these words, I am joyful. I know me, and I know that I fall woefully short. I know that I sin so much more than I even realize. But the God who sees all and knows all gives (notice the continuity of this present tense usage) His mercy “from everlasting to everlasting!” I cannot even fathom how long that is, but I am so glad that my mama fears Him. I am so glad that her mama feared Him. I am so glad that even her mama feared Him because according to this verse, I am a recipient of His righteousness, knowing I have none on my own, because they knew and loved and revered the one true God!

Do you know how much love God has to have for us that He’d extend His mercy from “everlasting to everlasting?” Do you know that no one, not even our parents, could ever love us that much? Do you know that you cannot even love your own children that much?

In my mind’s eye, I imagine David sitting, like me, on a couch (or its ancient equivalent) listening to the rains outside before anyone else in his palace has risen for the day. I picture him traversing his memory: tending sheep in Jesse’s fields, being teased by big brothers, practicing his slingshot, playing tunes for a jealous and wrathful Saul, fleeing for his life, plotting against Uriah for Bathsheba…I see him smiling at fond memories. I see him recoiling a bit, remembering missteps. And just when he might get lost in the nostalgia and horrors of the past, his ears pick up on the praise songs of little birds. The spirit of the Lord comes into consciousness, and in a fit of joy and thanksgiving he composes: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me; bless His holy name!”

I do believe that sometimes God sends subtle messages to gently remind us of Him. This morning mine came on the tweets of the winged. Today I pray that you heed the nudge of the Holy Spirit, and praise God! He is a good God, Friend! And He has been a good God from “everlasting to everlasting!” I pray that regardless of your circumstances, you take a cue from the birds, who for hours have been inundated with rain, whose nests are soaked through, who in spite of it all are still singing delightfully to the Creator of all! If the little birdies make time to glorify the Lord, so should we!

Have a blessed day praising the Lord, Friend!

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One thought on “Praise Song

  1. Damien on said:

    Im glad that you woke to a feeling of spiritual connection this morning. I hope that it stays with you from ‘everlasting to everlasting’. I love you.

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