Memos from the Middle

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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Do Mother’s Day

Memos from the Middle

If you like the comforts of home, you’d better take this advice! (from

You really want to avoid this reaction! (from

Just in case no one else is going to tell you, mother’s don’t appreciate any gift you buy. In fact, the irony of  “it’s the thought that counts” lies in the fact that it allows lazy people to get away with doing less than meaningful things for the people who took the time to carry their ungrateful behinds around for 9 months! And don’t give me some snarky “She ain’t my mama” line either. I bet you didn’t even offer to take one of those months off of her hands. (Yes, I do believe scientists have figured out a way for men to carry babies. Men are keeping this a well-guarded secret! ) Let’s just cut to the chase and be real for a moment. There are…

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