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10 Reasons Why I Refuse to Join Facebook

I kinda feel like those people back in the late ’90s who refused to learn how to use a computer. “What’s wrong with the card catalog?” they’d squeal into their rotary phones behind bifocals and a steaming hot cup of unsweetened tea. Their grandchildren foolishly purchased desktops for them, hoping that they’d share an email or instant message every once in a while, but after the obligatory unpacking and strategic display, the computer served no purpose other than a glorified plant stand.

Yep, that old hag is me. I sit in my rocking chair, covered in a quilt (even though the heat is on 78 degrees), and work crossword puzzles intently, humming little ditties to myself. Well, not really, but I do have an old lady-like obsession, for what type of obsession is any more intense, with avoiding Facebook. And here’s why:

10)  I hate crowds. Over 1 billion people on anything seems like way too many to me.

9) I avoid certain people more expertly without Facebook in my life.

8) I need a dictionary of abbreviations to figure out what the hell people are saying.

7) Every minute of my day need not be chronicled for the world. There is a very real thing called “too much information.”

6) I don’t really care what you like, nor do I feel compelled to tell you what I like.

5) I got enough of fake friends in high school.

4) Facebook gangsters cause real-life fights. Just ask any teenager.

3) I know damn well you don’t look like your profile picture…anymore.

2) Poking me or posting something on my wall just sounds painful.

1) I’m happy in my marriage.

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8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Refuse to Join Facebook

  1. OMG…If this is Mrs. McCottrell from Morgan Park PLEASE let me know. It’s Sam from AA Lit. I miss you dearly; your class was one of the few that prepared me for college. I would love to catch up with you. Hope all is well.

  2. i’m 21 and i don’t use it and people think i’m very weird for not joining facebook but i just don’t see the appeal. someone even said i must be big headed but i told them how does not taking endless pictures of myself in the mirror and writing updates about myself mean i’m big headed?

  3. Mary Funnye on said:

    Hey Marilyn,
    I agree with all 10 reasons, and another is who has the time?

  4. LOVE IT! I’m a “Facebook Holdout” as well–nothing about it appeals to me in any way. Glad to hear I’m not the only one out there . . . 🙂

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