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Kiddie Conversations

Daredevil: Is your belly back to normal yet?
Mommy: No, it takes a while after mommies have babies for their bellies to go back down.
Daredevil: Yeah, it’s still soft and squishy, huh?

Mommy: I told you that we don’t fib in this house. We tell the truth.
Princess: It wasn’t really a fib. I was just using my imagination and my creativity.

Mommy: How was your day at school?
Daredevil: It was great!
Mommy: Good! What did you learn?
Daredevil: I learned how to listen and behave.
Mommy: You knew how to do that already, but did you listen and behave today?
Daredevil: Yep!
Mommy: All day?
Daredevil: Nope. Just some of the day.

Princess: Mommy, you have to read this letter from my teacher.
Mommy: What does it say?
Princess: I said, “You have to read the letter from my teacher.”

Mommy: Why were you on red at school today?
Daredevil: I just did a bit of screaming in class. That’s all.

Mommy: What’s wrong with you, Princess?
Princess: My sister is being mean.
Mommy: What did she do?
Princess: She won’t let me tell her what to do!

Daredevil: Mommy?
Mommy: Yes, baby.
Daredevil: I need to tell you something.
Mommy: What is it?
Daredevil: When you’re not home, Daddy thinks he’s the boss of me.


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2 thoughts on “Kiddie Conversations

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Too cute!
    Love you,

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