Memos from the Middle

Smack-Dab in the Middle of Living

Tripping Over My Shadow

Supportive blessings

drip like rain

all around me,

but I can’t seem

to get passed go.

This dance I’m doing

has no real rhythm

so I gyrate in uncertainty

befuddled about how to proceed.

The melancholy of pessimism

suffocates my initiative

and even when I feign confidence

confusion belies my steps.

I seek release from me

the inaction in me

and I long for the newness

of journeys attempted.

I step up to the mirror

and look myself in the eye

and I give novice strength to ancient words:

It’s not your turn.

It’s mine.

Get back.

It’s my time to fly.

Nothing you’ve done

or said

or thought

can get in my way now.

The die is cast.

It’s my Rubricon to cross.

Leave me be

so I can embark on my own.

“Be resolute”

I whisper to my heart.

“Stay that incessant pounding.”

I will walk upright.

I will be powerful.

I will do great things.

The time is now

to stop

tripping over

my own shadow.

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2 thoughts on “Tripping Over My Shadow

  1. Very good – really glad you happened to cross my path today. I’ll look for more!

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