Memos from the Middle

Smack-Dab in the Middle of Living

A Sister’s Hug

Property of M. McCottrell

When things seem bad

I mean really bad

I can count on your smile

To make me glad

I have a friend like you

A best friend in you

To comfort me

Like no one else can do

Property of M. McCottrell

When things seem tough

I mean really tough

You tell a silly joke

And give me space enough

To laugh real loud

So incredibly loud

And help me forget

Gosh I’m so proud

Property of M. McCottrell

To have you in my life

What a wonderful life

With a sister who hugs

Away all my strife

You tell me to squeeze

Boy can you squeeze

My body so hard

I have to say please

Property of M. McCottrell

Let up just a bit

Again just a bit

An ounce more of love

Just won’t fit

But you hang on anyway

I love that by the way

Your hugs are what I need

To brighten my day

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