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10 Phrases that Prove I’ve Morphed into My Mother

It’s official. I’m my mother. You could not have paid me enough to think that the stuff that came out of my mother’s mouth would ever come out of mine, but here I am, saying the same things I snickered about with my friends. Here they are:

10. “Get yo’ hands off yo’ imagination!”

Are the hips only an “imagination” if they belong to a female human? (from

9. “Wait ’til your daddy get home!”

8. “Don’t make me come in there!”

7. “Jesus, keep me near the cross!”

6. “Have you lost your ever-loving mind?”

5. “You better fix that face right now!”

Somehow, I think he’s telling me to fix my face. (from

4. “Now I done told you what I done said!”

3. “You better not slam another nothing in this house!”

2. “Lord, give me the strength not to hurt this child!”

1. “When we get in this store, you don’t want nothing, so don’t ask for nothing, ’cause you ain’t getting nothing!”

Honorable Mentions:

  • “You smell like outside!”
  • “Call my name one more time. I dare you!”
  • “I can give you something to cry about!”

What phrases are you finding yourself saying to your kids?

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7 thoughts on “10 Phrases that Prove I’ve Morphed into My Mother

  1. LarBro on said:

    5) You guys want some soda?
    4) Put some house shoes on child!
    3) Gimme got shot!!! Twice.
    2) child: “Come on, Momma….pleeeeaaaassse? Mom: “Where we going?”
    1) And that’s when I knew, the Lord surely smiled on me!

    My mother was the funniest when she was pissed off. I can see her drinking her wine and puffing that Virginia Slim like it was yesterday.

  2. Mom on said:

    I told you so! One day you will have children of your own…lol

  3. Anonymous on said:

    One of my faves is “now who’s the fool me or you ?”

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