Memos from the Middle

Smack-Dab in the Middle of Living

For My Girl

we usta have some fun. remember? a long time ago walkin’ through the quad

wearin’ fly shirts, tight jeans, fearlessness, and a fuck-you-too ‘tude?

we looked way too good to go to class, but we did anyway.

and we got a’s too.

remember when we usta spend all day doin’ our hair, shoppin’ for the right ‘fit, and gettin’ ready

just to spend an hour and a half at some lame ass frat party?

we’d try to leave

and they’d all be lined up at the door beggin’ us to stay.

“we’ll get the dj to play some shit ya’ll like,” they’d say.

we’d flirt a bit–

then ease out anyway.

remember when we usta eat all those carbs in dining services, not gain a pound,

and go to the gym to “work out” in our newest gear?

did we ever even sweat?

a little, maybe, just for effect.

remember when we usta lay across the bed, eatin’ donuts and candy from your stash?

we’d dream about being grown up, being married, and having kids.

we’d think about all the money we would amass

and the trips we would take and the love we would make

to the men of our dreams.

we usta have some fun, girl, didn’t we?

everything and nothing has changed.

we still havin’ fun and dreamin’ and laughin’ about the stupid shit

that gets on our nerves.

one day, maybe, we’ll be rememberin’ this, too.

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2 thoughts on “For My Girl

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I love it. And a tad bit depressed. Lol

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