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After School Fun

for poetry challenge week 5

On warm afternoons,

Sometimes we would race

Around the block

Or give a good chase

To the ones who

Stole the bacon.

We’d get into fights

About tags mistaken

Then break it up

Jumping Rope (from

Jumping Rope (from

To play Mr. Freeze,

Jump double-dutch,

Or just climb trees.

When we were kids,

Red Rover was king.

He hovered above us

Watching us ding

Dong ditch

Mrs. Harris.

I’m not sure

If Chuck Barris

Got his start

On a playground,

But I know we didn’t.

Our games were found

In the alleys

And between the houses.

Still wearing our uniform pants

And dingy white blouses,

We ran from

Our neighbors’ sons

(But not too fast

From the cute ones).

Catch a girl, kiss a girl

Was best at night

Right before the glow

Of the street light

Would beckon us home.

Moms on porches,

Lightening bugs

Like torches,

Big brothers at garage doors

All guided us in,

But  the smell of dinner

Was not enough to win

Us over.

Our games were through.

Alas, there was homework

And chores  we had to do.

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